• 100% automated MT4 Forex strategy which works extremely well on choppy and trending markets and NEVER gives loss.

    • Works on the principle of price convergence and divergence and take positions in the direction of trend.
    • Keeps adding position untill pre defined basket profit is achieved.
    • Hegdes position if the market trend reverses at any time.
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  • Makes Trading simple - Identify Trend and Ride it. Identify reversal and exit.

    • Always follows the market trend and capture big moves
    • Gives clear indication of choppy market where trading should be avoided
    • Works both in manual and automatic mode.
    • In fully automatic mode, performs extremely well. No manual intervention is required.
    • Ability to control other trades and put stop losses, profit targets and trailing.
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What is WebTradeForex?

Lot of Forex traders lose money in Forex market. They do not lose because of the adverse market movement. They lose because they fail in emotional management. Fear, Frustrations and panic are the main causes of losses. Traders who realised this tried to find a solution in Automated trading systems. These systems have no emotions. They do not make mistakes what a normal human being generally does and are very much back tested and optimized for the best returns.

We are a team of Forex/ currency program traders having prime focus on International currency markets. We have been operating Internationally for more than four years and we have designed and developed many trading systems on International currencies like EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/USD etc. These softwares are generally called trading robots/ trading systems/ algorithm based system, Expert Advisors (in MT4 platform) or strategies (in Tradestation platform) etc.

These system monitor the market 24 hours and whenever they find the right entry place, open a position (either buy/sell) and places stop loss and profit targets. If market moves in opposition direction and trend reversal is dected, position is exited and profit/ loss is booked. These systems work purely on technical analysis and follow very rigid money and risk management rules. There are many kind of such trading systems and depending upon the capital, risk taking capacity , trading style and returns expected, certain syetem or set of systems can be choosen for a particular account.

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We are a technology solutions provider for capital markets, having prime focus on Currency market, and has been operating internationally for more than four years. We create custom software and capital market technical analysis systems for financial technology firms, retail brokers, market makers, exchanges and individual traders. Leveraging nearshore or offshore outsourcing allows our clients to optimize project budget, reduce expenses, and maximize both fiscal and organizational goals.