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Algo Trading

“Make wise transaction decisions with Algo Trading”. Algo trading or automated trading is based on technology-driven pre programmed mathematical model-based stock trading which is quite popular in developed nations and is expected to gain momentum over the next few years in India as well.

Trading Platforms

You can write a trading system program only if you have a platform that supports algo/ system trading. NinjaTrader, MetaTrader and TradeStation are by far the most popular platforms among the retail trading crowd globally. Each one tends to focus on a special market niche. MetaTrader primarily caters to forex market. NinjaTrader’s fan base mainly comes from futures. TradeStation earns most of its business from equities traders.

Despite their popularity among certain markets, each platform is fully capable of handling the different types of markets. It all comes down to which platform suits your needs. They all offer automated trading as well as backtesting capabilities.

Advantages of MetaTrader

  • Literally hundreds of different brokers offer the platform
  • Large number of commercial products (indicators and Expert Advisors) are available for sale
  • It’s 100% free
  • Everything is setup once you download the platform

Disadvantages of MetaTrader

  • No reliable data source for backtesting
  • Allows repainting indicators
  • Slow execution, not suitable for running multiple high frequency strategies
  • MQL restricts you to only trade related programming. Anything else requires DLL programming
  • Can’t keep record of bid and ask in the backtester.
  • No custom time frames on charts
  • MQL itself has a lot of unusual bugs

Advantages of Trade Station

  • Great technical support on their forums
  • Simple strategies are very simply to program
  • Lots of third party add ons are available

Disadvantages of Trade Station

  • It’s much more expensive compared with its competitors
  • Can only trade with Trade Station as your broker
  • No demo mode offered
  • Approval is centralized for all third party products

Our offers in developing:

Trading Platforms

  • Web-based Equity/Derivatives Trading
  • Trading Platform Development
  • Order Management and Routing
  • Risk Management
  • Account Management
  • Matching Engines

Automatic Trading Software

  • Algorithmic Trading Platform
  • High-Frequency Trading Solutions
  • Forex Trading Software
  • Automatic Share Trading
  • Custom trading systems and indicators for Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Tradestation, Amibroker etc

Portfolio Management

  • Asset Management Software
  • Modelling and Market Analysis
  • Risk Management Software
  • Automatic Re-balancing

Order Routing

  • Smart Order Routing
  • FIX Protocol Development

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